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Sanando Flores, Ft. Collins Senior Center, 2015

CarolynBraaksma_AiPP_panel view

Through discussion with the Design Team, we determined that the Center necessitated a room divider with gates as a desirable enhancement for the Senior Center.

I first visited the Senior Center on a weekday when there was little activity in the backyard of the Center. After seeing the lovely back yard, I chose to bring the outside into the Senior Center through images of Colorado indigenous plants. Moreover, the images refer to healing plants of Colorado. The rendering of the plants and flowers is simplified and stylized to be reproducible in metal.

Flowers and plants included in this artwork include but are not limited to the following: Echinacea, apache-plume, jimsonweed, old-man’s-beard, dandelion and nightshade.

The room screen is constructed from water jet cut aluminum. The raw material surface has been finished with a tomato soup red powder coating. This color was chosen to coordinate with the new color palette of the Senior Center.

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