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Untitled (Tulsa)

UNTITLED (2011) Tulsa, OK


Media: Cast-in-place concrete
Dimensions: 9’-16’ (H) x 3520’ (W)
Commissioning Agency: Oklahoma Art in Public Places

The enhancements for the highway sound walls are meant to reflect Tulsa’s cultural and natural landscape. The buffaloes are based on the iconic American Indian buffalo that formerly roamed the Oklahoma prairie. The stalks of flowers signify the prairie flowers. The large composite flowers refer to Oklahoma’s blanket flower. They are carved in a style that is reminiscent of the historical Art Deco buildings in Tulsa. The intent for this type project is to develop images that are suitable for both short and taller walls. Although the images are repeated, they are reconfigured to give more variation in the layout and to disguise the repeat.

Posted in Bridges & Roadways, Walls