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Vector Space

Detail of gear and vectors

Rowan University, College of Engineering, Glassboro, NJ

In collaboration with Brad Kaspari
Materials: Terrazzo, Aluminum, Aluminum plate
Dimensions: 3,572 s.f.

The overall design stands as a holistic tribute to multiple engineering disciplines that are part of the College of Engineering. The floor is an expression of the different disciplines of engineering: chemical, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, biological. As users pass through the main entrance of the building, they are immediately made aware that this building has a specific function in the educational experience. The work’s overall theme is the union of all engineering disciplines in basic concepts and the importance of engineering to daily life.

As you walk in the front door, you’ll notice the silver letters that spiral throughout the main floor, letters of the shorthand names of elements in the periodic table. The periodic table of elements references chemical engineering. Arrows that emulate a vector field reference many different engineering fields through their connection to force diagrams. These arrows also direct and suggest the movement of people through the commons areas.

The design of the floor also re-imagines the Rowan University Engineering banner. The “Fuller” Checkerboard references structural and civil engineering, re-drawn from Buckminster Fuller’s 1951 patent application. The alternating colors refer to the checkerboard pattern associated with the Rowan School Emblem. The sun on the Rowan banner becomes a gear at the center of the floor as well as the center of the periodic table near the hydrogen element. The owl is expressed by feathers that become vector arrows.

The colors of the floor are intended to coordinate with the chosen color palette for the surrounding interior finishes.

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